PDF Document Editor for Shopware 6

Looking for a cost-effective way to customize your Shopware 6 documents?

With the document editor, you can easily add the business logic for your online store’s documents. You can apply your brand design in a simple and user-friendly way to offer your customers a complete brand experience. In this way, you can sustainably improve customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases.

Google Maps for Shopware 6

Would you like to show your customers where your stores are?

With this plugin you can easily add Google Maps to all your shopping experiences (CMS) by simply dragging and dropping them. After you have selected the map section and zoom level, you can position as many markers as you want (e.g. to display your stores) on the map. For each marker you can configure a text that will be displayed when the user selects it. For example, you can display the address of your stores.

API Flow Trigger App for Shopware 6

Do you want to automate your business?

The API Flow Trigger App for Shopware 6 is the ideal tool for executing specific Shopware 6 flows. With the new Flow Triggers in Shopware 6’s Flow Builder, you can execute any Flow via API call. You can select customers by customer ID, customer number or email, and select orders by order ID or order number. You can also view the API log via the admin interface to monitor your automated processes.